Welcome to The Home Write Project!

With the closures of Alberta Schools, I am wondering if there are students who are budding writers and could use some exposure. If you know of any, please let them know I am happy to post their work up to 800 words on ANY topic.

I personally know how much it helped me before I found my first job.

If you’d like more information please email me —

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The voice at the end of the telephone in 1979, somehow, magically, mixed a sense of urgency and genuine encouragement in the same breath.

“I will read it,” Paul Rimstead. “You write for me. But you need to write every day. One day, I think, you will thank me.”

I share that most valuable lesson, some 41 years later, from Rimstead, the late larger than life Edmonton Sun columnist whose huge impact led to my first job as a reporter  four months later.

I will never — ever — be the journalist Rimstead was. But his example of helping young writers was something I bookmarked in every notepad, and recording device I ever purchased.

One day, I thought, I could do the same. 

That day has, alas, come.

As we journey through this new stay at home regime — not a sense of punishment in any way — I have to wonder if there are some young writers out there, who could use a door being propped open. But, just being propped.

I also write from experience when I scribble, as a young wordsmith, how important it is to have someone reading your stuff, and not having it pile up on a corner of a desk, or chewing up memory in your computer hard disk.

Writing is a two-way Street. I feed off the response of my readers.

So that is why — cue drum roll, please — we are taking great pleasure in introducing …. The Home Write Project.

Hang on, now, folks. Not homework, you understand. Oh, no.

Home Write.

Because … writing should no be work.

So, here’s how it works: I have created a link on, called the Home Write Project.

If you are 21 or younger and want to pursuit writing, please: write for me. Email me 500 words — the regular length of a newspaper column.

You choose the topic. (Hint: the more topical, the better.)

I will post it on my site and social media networks.

If you want me to offer some guidance — other than how to turn on your computer —— I am happy to.

If you want to find your own way in this wonderful business yourself — good for you..

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

So … what do you think?

If you have any questions, email me —

Or, just send me a written submission, short biography and a picture.

If we are all at home let’s chase our dreams.

Paul Rimstead: thank you!!

Thanks for clicking in!

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