Looking to the east ….

EDMONTON SUN – JANUARY 18 – BY CAM TAIT We’ve all had the experience, it’s safe to say: our neighbour to the east who has shown us so much kindness, so much compassion and was always there, no matter the hour, when we needed someone — anyone — the most. We looked to them as… Continue Reading

Column and video on an icredible young man

[IT_EPOLL id=”1″][/IT_EPOLL][embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v04ferSewZE[/embedyt]   BY CAM TAIT – JANUARY 14 – EDMONTON SUN Repeat this name after me: Riley Oldford. It’s a name most of us, innocently, have not heard of until a few weeks ago when CBC’s David Common travelled to Yellowknife to share the incredible 12 years — but, much more significantly, celebrates… Continue Reading