ZARCHARY WEEK   In my opinion, no. However, that is in an ideal world
 HEIDI JANZ: I think it’s very much a matter of context and personal choices. If the person with disabilities and their family member would prefer a private vacation and both parties are comfortable, I see nothing wrong with family members/friends providing care. I’ve taken many trips with friends who’ve also provided my care, and, with only one or two exceptions, it’s been a very good experience for both of us. But I think people with disabilities should always have the option of traveling with paid staff if that’s   their preference—as Zachary Weeks says, “in an ideal world.”




DICK SOBSEY  I struggled with this question, because I was not sure how it should be interpreted. If it means “is it okay for family members to help if the person being helped and and the family member helping are comfortable with it?” My answer is YES. If it means, “should family members be compelled to provide this care because paid caregivers are not available?” Then my answer is NO!