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Kelly’s coming back again – Edmonton Sun – August 9, 2018

Alan Carteer, Brian McNicholl, Kelly Hrudey and David McNicholl on thee 16th tee of the Edmonton Country Club



The ask is all in the timing.

So when Kelly Hrudey tipped his glass for the final swig of his beverage Tuesday at the Edmonton Country Club, shook everyone’s hand around the table before he headed out, the moment was perfect.

“I’ve been waiting all day to ask this,” I said, with some trepidation in my voice. But, not much.

“Would you do it again next year?”

Then, Kelly gave me the look — the same look he focused on a puck coming towards him at bullet speed during his years in the National Hockey League as a goaltender.

“What? You’ve waited all afternoon to ask?” the Edmonton native quipped. “Of course I’ll be back.”

My eyes then fixed on Country Club general manager Alan Carter. He didn’t say a word, but nodded.


For the past four years, Kelly has driven from his Calgary home to host a round of golf to raise funds for the ATCO Edmonton Sun Christmas Charity Auction.

It’s a wonderful chance for hockey fans to share five hours — and some more time, of course, on the hospitable 19th hole — with Kelly, now a television hockey analyst and author.

It’s surprising to hear Kelly tell stories, including how shy he was when he broke into the NHL with the New York Islanders in the early 1980s. Now, with Hockey Night in Canada and Sportsnet, he’s seen by millions of hockey fans. 18-433 Christmas Auction Brochure_FINAL

Kelly shared other personal stories on Edmonton Country Club cart paths, fairways and greens.

An entertainer, absolutely.

Brian McNicoll says he has a soft spot for silent auctions and supports as many of them as he can.

When he saw Kelly’s package and details last fall in The Edmonton Sun, it was something he kept his eye on through the entire three days of the on-line auction.

When Brian secured the item — 18 holes of golf at the Country Club for two people — he only thought of one person to share it with.

Brian has one son David, who started golfing at age eight.

“I bought it and gave the package to David for part of his Christmas present last year,” Brian recalled at the aforementioned nineteeth hole.

“And, it was a great day.”

David, who lives in Calgary and drove up for the round, agreed it was a great day.

“It’s something we’d like to do again,” David says.

Tuesday’s golf gathering is one of many that were in last year’s auction. And, as co-ordinator Nic Good — the good guy, you know — are working hard in securing as many items and packages as we set are sights on raising $135,000.

Funds will be shared between three great local charities: the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, Adopt-A-Teen and Catholic Social Services.

If you would like to join Kelly and the other 100 items we have so far, Nic would love to hear from you. His email is

We’re set to raise funds so as many people as possible can enjoy the Christmas season.




Video Tait: Edmonton Sun – July 29, 2018 – Banker Gord



Have a look …



Chances of Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht driving distracted are next to impossible, right? And then the chief would never, ever go out of his way to admit his actions, right?


Consider Tuesday afternoon under bright sunny skies at the Windermere Golf and Country Club. Knecht offered a round of golf for two guests for the 2017 ATCO Edmonton Sun Christmas Charity Auction.

But, when a skiing mishap injured his shoulder swing a golf club was out of the question. Still, he went along for 18 holes of golf to share time with the package’s highest bidder Stephen Forest … and support the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, Catholic Social Services and Adopt-A-Teen.

He also drove a golf cart for deputy chief Kevin Brezinski, who golfed for him.

In an email exchange, Knecht explained the situation.

“On the ninth hole I was sending an email while driving the cart and almost ran into the back of Stephen’s cart,” Chief Knecht said. “I confessed to distracted driving a golf cart.”

We’re sure if — ready for this? — police were called.

But there were some other close calls.

“I had four close calls where I was almost hit by a golf ball,” said Knecht. “Twice by golfers on other fairways, once by Kevin and once by Stephen. I think Grandma Hillary was the only one that did not have a close call.”

Grandma Hillary, as in Hillary Forrest, grandmother to Stephen.

“The reason I brought my grandma was that she shares the same passion for the game of golf as I do,” said Forest. “I also thought it was a good idea for an early birthday present as she will be celebrating her 70th birthday this year. We also like trying out new golf courses that neither one of us would have a chance to play on. My grandma had an amazing time.”

Grandma Hillary has a new fan in Knecht.

“I was most amazed at what a steady and consistent golfer Grandma Hillary was,” said Knecht. “Every shot was straight down the fairway. I don’t think she ever went into the rough, however a couple of her balls did go for a swim.”

Stephen is 28, a proud Edmontonian married to Dominique with two twin boys. He has been in the Canadian army for almost a decade now and is a supply technician at the Edmonton Garrison.

One day, while having lunch, Stephen was reading the Sun and browsed the 200 packages to bid on.

“The reason I made the bid to go golfing with the police chief, was that I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to hang out with person who is in charge of the Edmonton Police Services,” Stephen said.

Thanks to other people behind the scenes of putting this together: Windermere GM Dave Warren, head pro Jason Hnatiw and Chad Tawfik, chief of staff for Knecht.

We’re busily putting together packages for the 2018 ATCO Edmonton Sun Christmas Charity Auction coming in October.

Stay tuned!

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