Chances of Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht driving distracted are next to impossible, right? And then the chief would never, ever go out of his way to admit his actions, right? Nope. Consider Tuesday afternoon under bright sunny skies at the Windermere Golf and Country Club. Knecht offered a round of golf for two guests… Continue Reading

Robert Latimer simply cannot by pardoned

  I am quite scared and, frankly, very nervous. Because a landmark decision on whether or not to grant Robert Latimer a pardon will, one swoop of a judges g gavel, set the stage and   mold the culture in which we view Canadians with disabilities for future. News last week that Latimer, the Saskatchewan farmer… Continue Reading

The last straw

  by CAM TAIT The last time I wrote, at length, on the virtues of drinking beer with a straw on a Sunday morning wasn’t a big hit with Grandma Murray. You see, it was 1984. There I was, in quite a large photo, on a section front of The Edmonton Journal, enjoying one of… Continue Reading

There’s nothing like riding the Grehound

   A Greyhound passenger bus waits outside the Greyhound terminal in Calgary.Postmedia Archives Canada, we just became a bit more far apart. Monday’s announcement that Greyhound Canada — which, when you think about it, now needs a new name — is putting the breaks on bus service is western Canada come October. The decision, like… Continue Reading