Saskatchewan massacre encourages us to care more

But Myles Sanderson has a criminal record that — no laughing here, please — would give Hollywood producers and writers enough material, however disturbing and graphic, for a five-hour feature length movie.

As someone who lives daily with a disability — physical, if you will — I know, first hand, of the need to have help when needed.

Yet, it — profoundly — goes beyond that: people who tell me when I need help.

And tell me the consequences, somewhat dire, if I don’t get the help I need.

Just 4 You: Does our government respect disabled Albertans by not re-indexing AISH? Cam says a firm no

You can bet on it: Alberta oil executives and other wealthy people of this province will be uncorking their favourite — expensive, perhaps? — celebratory beverage, while people on the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped program will pour themselves a glass of cold water. That is, of course, if their water bill is paid. …

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Laughing WITH not AT

laugh neon light signage turned on

Moreover, the same thought profoundly has to be compassionately shared with parents of babies born with disabilities — and those who sustain a disability later in life. Sure, a positive attitude, ignited by determination, goes endless kilometres to make a difference. So does humour. “Look Tait,” I can just hear you growling after a deep …

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