Saskatchewan massacre encourages us to care more

But Myles Sanderson has a criminal record that — no laughing here, please — would give Hollywood producers and writers enough material, however disturbing and graphic, for a five-hour feature length movie.

As someone who lives daily with a disability — physical, if you will — I know, first hand, of the need to have help when needed.

Yet, it — profoundly — goes beyond that: people who tell me when I need help.

And tell me the consequences, somewhat dire, if I don’t get the help I need.

Just 4 You: Does our government respect disabled Albertans by not re-indexing AISH? Cam says a firm no

You can bet on it: Alberta oil executives and other wealthy people of this province will be uncorking their favourite — expensive, perhaps? — celebratory beverage, while people on the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped program will pour themselves a glass of cold water. That is, of course, if their water bill is paid. …

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Laughing WITH not AT

laugh neon light signage turned on

Moreover, the same thought profoundly has to be compassionately shared with parents of babies born with disabilities — and those who sustain a disability later in life. Sure, a positive attitude, ignited by determination, goes endless kilometres to make a difference. So does humour. “Look Tait,” I can just hear you growling after a deep …

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Let’s talk home care


Speaking out is a risk — a monumental risk, indeed — to criticize someone who comes to help you with basic living needs. This is where the rubber meets the road. For decades the common philosophy for the masses is that if someone is in the helping profession they are “doing you a favour” or …

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