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Something that really bothers me is people capable of pulling a door open without assistance pressing the button reserved for use by disabled people instead. Grinds my gears to no end.

I’ve always taught my kids not to use that button because overuse will likely cause it to break down over time and sure enough it will happen when someone who actually needs it can’t. I would hate to see that happen in the winter when it’s -25 plus a windchill. I’ve actually seen one out of service at a Montana’s restaurant on the south side.


Maybe educating people through schools and whatever establishments and public areas have these doors should reinforce the importance of not pushing that button if you are an able-bodied person (the button clearly states who should be using it). Remember there was once a time in the not so distant past that these doors didn’t exist.

Bottom line is I really don’t want to see someone who needs it to become stranded because it’s broken due to needless overuse.

It would be nice to make people aware somehow that if you’re physically capable of opening a door without mechanical assistance then maybe you should.



Cathy Kelm Totally agree! I’ve tried to instill this in my kids. Have had limited success with my physically-capable, autistic daughter. I try to get around it by opening the door for her.


I find it curious when some people engage the power door button with their shoes or boots, which makes it rather messy for those of us using our hands to press the button..



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