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TAIT: Remembering the triumphs of Sidney Poitier
When someone as iconic and legendary as Sidney Poitier passes away, media outlets scour archives for images and video to illustrate the deep footprints they have so profoundly left.
Such a day was Friday. News about Poitier’s passing at age 94 ignited pictures and videos of the first Black actor to receive an Academy Award for Best Actor.
For me, the picture that punctuated the most emotion comes from the eighth month of 2009. Poitier stood proudly as then-U.S. president Barack Obama, who is standing behind his left shoulder, carefully clipped the clasp of the Medal of Freedom around his neck.
The picture says so much: two men, from a visible minority, sharing a prestigious honour – and, providing the priceless hope to so many of the unlimited potential people from minorities have.
The key – turning a “no” into a “yes” – seems so simple.
The process – blood, sweat, tears and a most formidable determination –  continues to be celebrated, as they should, and challenges us, once again, to thoughtfully consider inclusion.

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