YOUR STARTING FIVE … Including Terry Evans and the all new Cam’s Clips

CLICK THE PICTURES <h2>DAILY PRAYER</h2> <a href=””&gt; <img width=”710″ height=”453″ src=”×747.jpg&#8221; alt=”” srcset=”;ssl=1 1170w,;ssl=1 150w,;ssl=1 770w,;ssl=1 768w,;ssl=1 600w,;ssl=1 400w,;ssl=1 900w,;ssl=1 470w,;ssl=1 1058w,;ssl=1 1332w” sizes=”(max-width: 710px) 100vw, 710px” /> </a> <h2>PICTURE THIS WITH K-97’S TERRY EVANS</h2> <a href=”″&gt; <img width=”710″ height=”533″ src=”×878.jpg&#8221; alt=”” srcset=”;ssl=1 1170w,;ssl=1 770w, […]