TALES 'N TUNES — Track II: Why —- do we continue to do this?


Sorry: putting people in wheelchairs has never worked for me, And, never will. It’s a show .

 it’s a band-aid solution. It”s … laughable. SHAME on, you Seattle, and double shame on you,  Americans with Disabilities Act for allowing politicians and bureaucrats to tell a pathetic look-at-me-and-how-good-I-am story, once again politically muzzling people who have irreplaceable lived experience. 

I find this so very insulting.

This grand—sitting needs to be parked.


And forever.



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Published by Cam Tait

Background shareclose email Gary McPherson: pioneer for people with disabilities, visionary, executive, family man and everybody’s friend. Gary’s voice was a strong advocate of reason and negotiability. When Gary passed away in 2010, few people carried his vision on. Sadly, we see it today: people with disabilities are being overlooked and not being heard. Gary was a dear friend of mine who opened many doors for me since 1979. This site is now dedicated to Gary’s legacy. I am going to try — in my own voice — to carry on his legacy. But nobody did things like Gary. I miss you every day, my friend .


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