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Edmonton Sun 49 mins ago

LETTERS, Jan. 20: That’s no way to sell a pipeline! https://t.co/vMFcZ5Y4GY…

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Red hot Edmonton Oilers savouring bye week https://t.co/13FLapvn40…

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Edmonton Oil Kings beat Medicine Hat Tigers in clash of division’s best https://t.co/gEeZTvSWAF…

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FORBES: Little Warriors founder opens up about mental health struggles https://t.co/7gZUCkcebg…

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Chinese New Year celebrations kick off around Edmonton marking the Year of the Rat https://t.co/tkxAWnfRBB…

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EDITORIAL: Time to put shovels in the ground on Trans Mountain https://t.co/8HbZejOA9E…

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Province mulls private sector help to repurpose former RAM, Remand Centre sites https://t.co/eghaQQfd7q…

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‘Testament of what Alberta can offer’: Alberta firefighter recalls stint fighting bushfires in Australia https://t.co/w58DDDEmZU…

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1,402 charges, 241 suspects: Newly appointed ALERT CEO reflects on major busts of 2019 https://t.co/OqC2P5c03W…

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Calgary cannabis chocolatier swamped with orders https://t.co/v8Am0FG2GR…

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Published by Cam Tait

Background shareclose email Gary McPherson: pioneer for people with disabilities, visionary, executive, family man and everybody’s friend. Gary’s voice was a strong advocate of reason and negotiability. When Gary passed away in 2010, few people carried his vision on. Sadly, we see it today: people with disabilities are being overlooked and not being heard. Gary was a dear friend of mine who opened many doors for me since 1979. This site is now dedicated to Gary’s legacy. I am going to try — in my own voice — to carry on his legacy. But nobody did things like Gary. I miss you every day, my friend .

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