The Flamingo Restaurant leaves everlasting legacy



Stuart McLean, God rest his soul, was a masterful storyteller on CBC Radio’s Vinyl Cafe, with his fictional tales of Dave and Morley. My McLean favourite story didn’t have an ending.

It’s about when Tommy’s grandfather passed away. Grandad Lewis had a ticket on a $1-million lottery that he kept for many years on his fireplace mantle. It was scratch-and-win, but Grandad never scratched it. He didn’t want to.

During a dinner after Grandad’s funeral, several members wanted Tommy to scratch and see if the $1 million was, in fact, his.

Tommy said no. Some things are just too special and too precious to discover the ending.

Some unanswered questions open opportunities for our imaginations to take flight, and, answer them ourselves to our own liking … and we get to embrace those magical two words: “What if?”

I’m embracing that philosophy to share my thoughts about Flamingo Steak and Pizza, on the northeast corner of 159 Street and 87 Avenue.

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