It doesn’t take a well-versed historian to take a guess at what Eddie Keen would have said, when we met in 1972, if I told him I was going to be able to read editorials 47 years later.
Eddie would have put a trusty stogie between his teeth. Rolled his eyes, probably, too. And a big sigh.
He’d snicker that laugh.
“Good idea, Cameron,” he’d say, always using my full name.
“But, let’s be honest. It would be almost impossible for you to voice editorials. And I don’t care what year it would be.”
I was in Grade 7 when I first heard Eddie voice editorials on 630 CHED. But he gave me so much more to think about on the morning bus ride to school.
Eddie ignited my dream to write for radio.
I live with cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair and my voice can be difficult to understand.
A career in radio?
What could possibly go wrong?

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Published by Cam Tait

Background shareclose email Gary McPherson: pioneer for people with disabilities, visionary, executive, family man and everybody’s friend. Gary’s voice was a strong advocate of reason and negotiability. When Gary passed away in 2010, few people carried his vision on. Sadly, we see it today: people with disabilities are being overlooked and not being heard. Gary was a dear friend of mine who opened many doors for me since 1979. This site is now dedicated to Gary’s legacy. I am going to try — in my own voice — to carry on his legacy. But nobody did things like Gary. I miss you every day, my friend .


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