Good morning from Grumpy Gord!

(MY EDMONTON SUN COLUMN, JUNE 16) We will find out Thursday evening whether National Basketball League history will be written, should the Toronto Raptors topple the Golden State Warriors in Game 6. The championship series will go down as a classic: an underdog team, never invited to the dance before, with an opportunity to dethrone […]


Friday, June 14

A great Friday quote Our friend, the esteemed Billy Shakes, dropped by to recite Shakespeare to inspire the Eskimos tonight when they face the Montreal Allouttes O WAR! THOU SON OF HELL,WHOM ANGRY HEAVENS DO MAKE THEIR MINISTER,THROW IN THE FROZEN BOSOMS OF OUR PARTHOT COALS OF VENGEANCE! LET NO SOLDIER FLY.HE THAT IS TRULY […]