May 31 in 100 words: tying one on with my grandson

 Twelve days! That’s how long it took me to learn how to tie a tie in 1972. So, when I attempted to teach grandson Nick, 16, I suggested he pack an overnight bag.

Or two.

Nick arrived at our place after school, Friday, and I showed him. A double windsor, just like my dad taught me. Nick put a blue tie around his neck. I had an orange one. Within 15 minutes, Nick had it mastered. Done! And they were perfect which is yet another reason why kids are so much smart.

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Follower of Christ, husband, father, grandfather, Edmonton Sun columnist, Oiler Entertainment Group writer, co-author of Disabled? Hell No! I’m a Sit-Down Comic, speaker, comedian, former Edmonton Journal columnist, member of the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities and closet Beverly Hillbillies mega fan and (very small) closet disco singer.

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