Valentine’s Day




Five of my top favourite love songs … and why!

 . Ah, memories of the 1980’s and disco, and the late Barry White

. We all remember that first kiss in high school. This was on the radio after a Valentine’s Day dance in 1976, an hour after my first kiss.


You know when the bride and groom ask tables to sing in return for a smoochy smooch at weddings? When my dear friend Darryl married miss Jill in 1986, our table stood up and sang this. By the way, the couple is still happily married.








A song I think of daily when things roll, good or b[embedyt] https://www.


November 11, 1995 — At the Edmonton Country Club, with the help of my good friend Muriel Scott, I sang part of this song to my new wife Joan at our wedding.

And, a song we need to be mindful of, every day


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