My Oct. 2, 2017 colum in the Edmonton Sun

Sunday morning’s grey sky looming down on Edmonton reflected a city the day after from a frightening Saturday night.

It was in the northeast where the horror started outside our football stadium, site of CFL action between the Eskimos and the Blue Bombers.

While professional sports is a business — and big business, at that — it is, by and large, entertainment.

Fans congregate in stadiums, arenas and other such venues to cheer for their favourite teams. A hot dog and a cold one makes the experience that much more enjoyable in settings where people can escape from everyday challenges.

That’s why sports and entertainment is so integral to our psyche. It’s an escape.

So to have a brazen act of terror — so cold, so cruel, so unthinkable — happen in the same proximity of a sporting or entertainment event makes the act more disturbing.











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