Well, well, well. How does a wrap sound for lunch on this Friday. Click my recipe book for the goods …









It’s everywhere. Under our desks. In the corner where we keep the broom in the kitchen. In our homes, our cars, our cabins. Everywhere. It’s there: hope. God puts it there. All ww have to do is believe … and have faith. So, let’s listen, watch and … go get it.



So the Walterdale Bridge might be a little while longer … I have a thought.

Had it pleas’d heaven
To try me with affliction * * *
I should have found in some place of my soul
A drop of patience.


Hey Shakey. Don’t get me going on the Walterdale Bridge. If they hadn’t built that white UFO antenna thingy on top they’d be done the darn thing. And Grandma. This wrap thing. It needs relish and ketchup.


Can’t wait to drive westbound on the new bridge. And for the first six months I’m going to turn my metre off when we drive over the bridge. You know.


Community Connie here.Here’s a great video about the United Way.

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Eddie here.
I saw this story and thought they were really keeping, er, uh, a breast of the situation. Click the image for the bare truth!










And since it’s Friday, enjoy!…



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