Well, hello, hello!












This is a big day for Tim Spelliscy at Global  News: Tim is retiring today after four decades in televison news. Video Vic is right on it

Is it working yet?


Yes, it’s been quite the ride for Tim, who has been station manager at Global Television. We found this piece of tape of Tim, who was host of the Edmonton Oiler games on — remember — ITV?

This is from 1986 …


I’ve make a special cake for Tim to celebrate. Please click my recipe book










Well, good day, friends.

Stevie Wonder: now there’s a name, a man, a talent and my hero. I remember going to see him when I just came  to Edmonton in 1987 in Northlands Coliseum.

He sang all of his hits and I was dancing in the aisle with everyone else.

And then he played that one song. The one song that I love so much, and reminds me to call someone every day.

And not to call for any  reason, or to ask a favour, or to share a news story.

But just to say three words: three words that God encourages to say every day.

So … who can you call today?  Call to say hello, or  maybe see if they  are doing OK after a recent health issue.

We never know how  we can deflect God’s love on someone else … and how it could turn someone’s life around.

Who can you call today, just to say I love you?