Good morning. Good morning. Good morning!

I know, I know. We’re a little late today.

But we’re trying something new today because we know people are busy these days, And you might not be able to see what we’re up tofirst thing in the morning to enjoy everyone.

So, we’re going to change our hours and swing the doors at 8:30 a.m. to give you a good start to your work day. Please let Janitor Jim know if you have any concerns at

I’m going to give you neat breakfast ideas if you’re running late … or something. for a  mid-morning snack.

Just click my recipe book!








Good morning. Pastor Pete here.



The work day has certainly changed, hasn’t it?

With technology, our work days begin the second we roll out of bed and reach for our cell phones. Texts, emails and cell phone calls from overnight, we tell ourselves, need to be answered.

Now. Right now..

Our career, our profession and our work may change. How many of us have 9-to-5 jobs anymore. And the things we do have changed, too.

But the one thing that will always — always —  remain the same is who we ultimately work four: our Lord and  savour.

Let’s make him proud today.





What>? G-R-R-R-R.
I’m\ Grumpy Gordon. Watch my cane!

Who’s goofy idea wuz it to open later in this joint? Now I might miss The Price is Right cuz I ain’t got cable TV.

And this guy Trump.. Richest guy in the unviverse and he can’t hire one of those speech writers so he doesn’t always put his foot in his mouth

Grandma! Where’s the panckake syrup? And this coffee is cold. If I wanted tit on the rocks, I woulda asked for ice cubes.


Good morrow. Today, I wish to share thoughts on mid-morning …

Eight wild boars roasted whole at breakfast, but twelve persons there.



Very good. Billy Shakes. Thank you so much!


What>? G-R-R-R-R.
I’m\ Grumpy Gordon. Watch my cane!


Someone wanna tell me what that means? I don’t have time for William What’s-His-Name or his bore..




Cam’s Comment:

This is Canada’s 150th anniversay — a great tiime to showcase Canada. So, why is Amazing Race Canada flying all over the world rather than  celebrating our own back yard.

I have cerebral palsy. Let’s ask Siri about the  Amazing Race Canada.


Here’s what Siri replied with