Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning!


Here’s a funky (is that how the young  people say it) thing I’m cooking for breakfast. CLICK THE PI



Good day.

Who do we call for help? Even before 911 when we need medical attention? Or, before the door swings open for that big interview? Or when we need just a liitle confidence to get us through the day.

We pray to God. We ask Jesus to gently come and sit down beside us and give us not specifically we want. But certainly what we need.

Yet, how many times do we proclaim our Christian faith? And why are we sometimes ashamed, even embarassed, to mention we’re Christians?

Because we never know: we never know what people who are in earshot of what we say … and need a new sense of hope.

We have a wondeful opportunity to share our faith., which can wash over others. And lead to wonderful things.




Hi. I’m Taxi Ted!



Hii’ I’m from Marsha, Saskatchewan. Can someone tell me how to drive a traffic circle?



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