Share Friday … like never before — July 28, 2017 (Order. No. 1)










Happy Friday, everyone. And Cam has a message just perfectly made for Friday.

I have freshed baked bread to go with your eggs this morning.

Cam ….





My friend,

Friday: the end of the work week.

Friday: the start of the weekend.

Friday: a day of happiness and fun.

So let’s celebrate the good things we have.

It’s funny, isn’t it? We often tell people if they ever need someone to talk to when the world  seems to be caving in and we need someone, call us. Or when we’re scared, all alone, and hope seems impossible, call us.

But … what about when we’re on top of the world? When our family has accomplished a milestone? When something in our professional lives has turned magical?

Let’s share. Let’s tell one another when we get up and feel there’s an extra step in our stride, but we don’t know why. But it feels … great.

Let’s share that which, ultimately, shares God’s grace on us.

How can Friday get any better?

Why is it a good day for you? Please share.





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