Hey. What’s going on? Just call me Saturday Sam and I’m serving up eggs for a few hours today. Welcome. Now a word from Cam






newcamA few months ago I was going through a real rough patch: I struggle witH anxiety and depression. Lee Bertsch is a dear friend and was the senior pastor at Zion Baptist Community Church, where I worship. Lee came over to our condo every few weeks for a visit. We’d get caught up with where things were with both of us. What profoundly struck me was how we didn’t have to say anything for even minutes. Lee’s comfort was, indeed, all I needed. I knew he was using his three decades of pastor experience and was secretly praying for me, asking God to bless and meet my needs … needs that, perhaps, I didn’t  even see myself.

Those moments came through the precious gift of silence.

So, on this Saturday, is there someone you’re going to be with where you can push the pause button in your conversation, allow the silence to wave over you and, more importantly, let God touch the both of you in new ways?




We’ll be back in in an hour or so wth the first version of Curious Cam. Keep clicking Cam n Eggs.