JANUARY 15 – COFFEE WITH CAM – CUP. NO. 3 JANUARY 15 – COFFEE WITH CAM – CUP. NO. 2 TRAFFIC JANUARY 15 – COFFEE WITH CAM – CUP. NO. 1 January 14 – 5 a.m. COFFE WITH CAM — JAN. 13 – CUP NO. 3 COFFE WITH CAM – JAN. 13 – COFFEE WITH CAM – JAN. 13 – – CUP NO. 1 THURSDAY WEATHER TOP NEWS STORIES A LITTLE WISDOM FOR.. Deb Cautley NEWSY TWEET HUGE NIGHT FOR OILERS AND NO. 97 WOW! WHAT A STORY WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TOM HANKS MOVIE MOTIVATION MONDAY FROM CBC READY? A PERFECT WAY TO START THE DAY AHS OVERTIME CURLER MATT BALDWIN NAMED TO ORDER OF CANADA CAM 'N EGGS – DEC. 30 – 6 A.M. PLEASE JOIN MY NEW YEAR'S PROJECT THOSE … TWO WORDS A CHRISTMAS GIFT. FROM CAM DEC. 23 – Edmonton Sun – WHAT AN ENDING GRANNIE LOWE. AND, CHRISTMAS. EILEEN BELL … AND THE GIFT OILERS ANNOUNCEMENT FOR FRIDAY A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT? THURSDAY, DEC. 19 – Edmonton Sun – TAIT ON 8 Look what YOU did! THE AUCTION CLOSES AT 9 P.M. TONIGHT. ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID: $800. OILERS GAME VS. Edmonton Oilers VS. Calgary Flames DEC. 27 IN LUXURY SUITE HOW TO REGISTER AND BID A PHOTO SESSION FROM KRISTY CAPUTO PHOTOGRAPHY (ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID $100.00) ROBERT CLARK SINGS O’CANADA AT YOUR EVENT (CURRENT BID: ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID $250.00 (ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID $300.00) BREAKFAST FOR 12 WITH Sean Burke AT BARB AND ERNIE’S GOLF PRIVATE LESSON FOR ONE AT Deboers Golf; GOLF FOR THREE AT THE Edmonton Country Club (ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID: $300.00) (ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID: $1,000) David Foster SHOW TICKETS, MEET AND GREET IN U.S. CITY OF YOUR CHOICE ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID: $125.00 A FACIAL AND SPA FROM THE J.W. MARRIOTT ITEM CLOSED. FINAL BID: $50.00 CAM TAIT’S NEW SPEAKING PRESENTATION. I.C.E. — CAM’S STORY IN HOCKEY TERMS CURRENT BID: $0.00​ WRITE CAM TAIT’S COLUMN AND ENJOY HOMEMADE LASAGNA ITEM CLOSED – FINAL BID $400.00 – ​ DINNER FOR 2, OILERS HALL OF FAME ROOM VISIT, AND OILER TICKETS from Tom Anselmi Ron MacLean HAS A SPECIAL MESSAGE ABOUT TAIT’S 8 ON FRIDAY The Best $20 I may have ever spent: David Foster donates concert tickets and meet and greet ITEM NO. 1 TAIT’S 8 FOR THE Christmas Bureau FOOD BANK NEWS and MORE THE TAIT DEBATE: INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDS FACELIFT THE MONDAY MINDSET SINCE IT’S FRIDAY, THREE OF CAM’S FAVOURITES HOCKEY. AND, NURSES. IN EDMONTON, BLACK FRIDAY IS … BILL PETERS: DO YOU THINK PETERS LETTER TO FLAME MANAGEMENT WILL SALVAGE HIS JOB? The Flamingo Restaurant leaves everlasting legacy SOUP AND A SANDWICH: BILL PETERS AND JASON MAAS OUR CHALLENGE AS A SOCIETY FROM THE BILL PETERS STORY SUSAN MANN JOINS THE CREW WITH A MESSAGE WE CAN’T SWITCH THE CHANNEL ON WE’RE MISSING A FRIENDLY VOICE THIS GREY CUP … FROM CHRIS CUTHBERT CAM ‘N EGGS: AMBITION CAM ‘N EGGS: GRATITUDE CAM ‘N EGGS: ENCOURAGING OTHERS CAM ‘N EGGS ON COURAGE WHAT DO YOU THINK OF A DATS DRIVER WHO —–? The Crew’s Barrie Harrison A CHERRY TUNE from ANDREAS SCHWABE WE REMEMBER nic111 CAM ‘N EGGS – NOV 6 – GRUDGES, LEADERSHIP, AND A MORNING GIGGLE AN EDMONTON BIRTHDAY GIFT FROM EDMONTON FOR RICK CAMPBELL? CREW MEMBER BRYN GRIFFITHS WITH MUSIC FROM PHIL COLLINS THREE SMALL THOUGHTS FOR A HUGE DAY About cell phones WILL SATURDAY BRING A NEW OFFENSIVE SCHEME FOR THE ESKS? – BRYN GRIFFITHS THE CREW’s Dave Campbell talks about the magic of the C.F.L. family Morely Scott has an important message for Edmonton Eskimo fans dOES THE END OF THE INNOCENCE END THURSDAY? Support A.D.H.D. THIS SATURDAY RESPECT AND SAFETY. NOT TEXTING AND DRIVING — PAUL HEIM THOUGHTS FROM ELECTION NIGHT WITH MUSIC Federal election provides little, if any, hope Sean Burke on my Election Day shopping trip CAM IS ON THE CREW WITH YOUR MORNING MINUTE Nic Davis. On the Crew: Sports Central Crew Member Nic Davis shares Dave’s Drive dAVE’s Drive with Crew Member Nic Davis The history of Cam’s Crew Three Images TED GREEN, RIP TOMORROW! CTV’S JOSH CLASSEN JOINS THE CREW: An essay on Thanksgiving 630 CHED’S DAVE CAMPBELL JOINS THE CREW: THANKS FOR THE C.F.L. A GOOD REMINDER FOR TONIGHT. EVEN TOMORROW. –EILEEN BELL ASSISTED SUICIDE QUESTIONS from Crew Member Ryan Jespersen THERE’S A GUY IN A WHEELCHAIR ON THE TARMAC WAVING US OUT — ROB CHRISTIE WE ARE, INDEED, OVER A BARREL – John Liston E-SCOOTER SATURDAY FOR ESKS? LET’S HOPE SO! David Foster: Part II…and thank you!! David Foster joins Cam’s Crew…and is $20 richer PICTURE THIS … FROM CAM TAIT’S THREE THOUGHTS I feel disappointed and defeated — Cam Tait via computer voice MONDAY MORNING MOTITATOR from MIKE LANTEIGNE Cam’s on The Crew with an election campaign idea OCTOBER 3 EDMONTON SUN COLUMN KELLY HRUDEY JOINS THE CREW FOR OPENING NIGHT CAM’S AUTOMATED VOICE ON AUTUMN MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATOR WITH STAN RAVNDAHL – CHAPTER 1 ROB HISLOP IS ON THE CREW ABOUT HIS NEW PHOTO EXHIBIT MEDIA CAM COLE JOINS THE CREW WITH A HUGH AND RICK CAMPBELL STORY AL STAFFORD JOINS THE CREW WITH AN ELTON JOHN STORY SEAN BURKE READS ABOUT 800 METRES AND 2 DATS’ BUSES CAM’S COMPUTER VOICE IS ON THE CREW JOE WHITBREAD JOINS THE CREW WITH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE STAN RAVNDAHL SALUTES CHRIS, JACK, AND MATT TRUDEAU’S BLACKFACE STORY W-A-A-A-Y OVER THE TOP … CREW MEMBER MIKE LANTEIGNE TERRY FOX RUN SPIRIT EXAMPLE TO FEDERAL CANDIDATES TAIT’S EIGHT: 8 REASONS JUNIOR JUSTIN WASN’T AT THE FIRST LEADERS’ DEBATE cam’s friend matt, on the monday crew CARRIE DOLL JOINS CAM’S CREW WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED 18 YEARS LATER: shawna randolph CAM’S GENERATED VOICE HAS A SOBER MESSAGE ABOUT 11 EDMONTONIANS EILEEN BELL. WELCOME TO THE CREW! WELCOME MARTY FORBES TO CREW CREW MEMBER BARRIE HARRISON HAS PREMIER’S COUNCIL NEWS NIC DAVIS JOINS CAM’S CREW BRYN GRIFFITHS IS ON CAM’S CREW WITH AN E-SCOOTER IDEA CHELSEA BIRD JOINS CAM’S CREW 630 CHED’S MORELY SCOTT JOINS CAM’S CREW MIKE LANTEINGE JOINS CAM’S CREW, READING MY COLUMN (RUNNING TIME 3:38) UPDATED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! SECLUSION ROOM UPDATE CAM IS ON THE CREW WITH A CONCERN SEAN BURKE JOINS THE CREW RYAN JESPERSEN MAKES HIS DEBUT ON THE CREW A REQUEST FOR MAYOR DON IVESON FROM DARYL HOOKE ON CAM’S CREW A REQUEST TO EDMONTON MAYOR DON IVESON FROM DARYL HOOKE ON CAM’S CREW ROBIN BROWNLEE ON CAM’S CREW cam’s question for monday TEST ROB CHRISTIE ON CAM’S CREW (2 OF 2) ROB CHRISTIE ON CAM’S CREW (PART 1) Pastor Pete on good words AN UNFORGETTABLE RIDE FOR MY FRIEND SHAWNA AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE aBOUT PILGRIMS HOSPICE fROM SHAWNA RANDOPLH pASTOR PETE: DETERMINATION POSTMEdIA’S TERRY JONES JOINS CAM’S CREW TODAY’S TAIT TALK – TUESDAY, AUGUST 20 – MORNING EDITION PASTOR PETE ON GOD IN YOUR LIFE PASTOR PETE – AUG 19 – BEING UNIQUE THE RETURN OF TAIT TALK – AUG. 19, 2019 – 7 A.M. TAIT TALK – 7 P.M. – MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 2019 CRANKY CAM TAKES ON JUNIOR JUSTIN HIGH HEDI TRIES A ….. WEATHER LIMERICK Pause, with Pastor Pete on stress A TOUGH COLUMN TO WRITE WITH DR. HEIDI JANZ COMMENTS CONGRATULATIONS TO SHAYE GANAM AND CHELSEA BIRD ON BEEN NAMED CO-HOSTS ON THE 630 CHED MORNING SHOW, EVEN THOUGH I APPLIED. (see below) COFFEE WITH PAULA SIMONS: WHAT WOULD SHE BE THINKING TODAY? Pause, with Pastor Pete on staying calm TONIGHT’S CAMFIRE: DOUGHNUTS. OR ONION RINGS AT THE J.W. MARRIOT (help from The Eagles) LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE FOR THE MAN IN THE RED JACKET A SERIOUS QUESTION. WITH EVEN MORE SERIOUS ANSWERS, MONDAY MORNING COFFEE WITH TERRY WICKHAM Pause, with Pastor Pete TAIT ON 8: Jack Hagerman Your Folk Festival Guide Listen to Shakespeare expert Billy Shakes pre-game pep talk to the Edmonton Eskimos TREAT YOURSELF TODAY … AND HELP KIDS Welcome to Camfire No. 1: My phoney friendship with 630 CHED’S Bruce Bowie Headline Harry could use a hand with his story on Eskimos new president Remembering a champion of a man — Jim Donlevy Today. So far. Who can you cut “some slack” today? Video Vic has it A WAY TO START YOUR WEEK, PERHAPS? SUNDAY CHURCH Guest message from Denzel Washington LET’S CREATE, TOGETHER, AN IMAGE OF HOPE Billy Shakes has some words of advice for Big Valley Jamboree fans VIDEO VIC: “Fall forward? THE GIFT OF DISABILITY A CHALLENGE. TO CARE MORE. TAIT ON 8 TODAY WITH PICTURES FROM ROB HISLOP Cam ‘n Eggs: Can you guess who GORD WHITEHEAD: The calm voice July 31, 1987 A SPEC OF A DEAL Grumpy Gord doesn’t have a permit for pizza. Find out why THE RESULTS ARE IN! When you show initiative … wonderful things happen Do you have confidence in the RCMP? A 7-year story of gratitude ANYONE WANT TO PLAY BACKGAMMON THIS WEEK? EDMONTON SUN COLUMN – KIND ICE CREAM Sunday church, July 28, 2019 with Pastor Pette Searching for answers on a Friday night VIDEO VIC’S VISUAL HOW A SCREEN SHOT TURNED OUT FOR GRUMPY GORD A VOICE FROM THE PAST MADE MY WEEK IN KEEPING WITH GRANDKIDS, GUESS WHO IS MY VOICE IN THIS EDITORIAL? LANCE ARMSTRONG, 20 YEARS AGO TODAY A LESSON IN FLIGHT FROM BOB LAYTON MORNING EDITION – A LESSON LEARNED ON INCLUSION, AND NOW, WE INCLUDE TRANSRCIPTS A TOPIC FROM LAST WEEK WITH A NEW YES/NO ANSWER. PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. THE EVENING EDITION … CHAPTER ONE THREE EARLY MORNING THOUGHTS “IT IS THE DAY OF THE LORD LET’S RUN AND WHEEL FOR PYPER BILLY SHAKES PEP-TALK TO ESKIMOS Dear Community Connie: CAN YOU GUESS WHO CAM IS TALKING ABOUT IN THIS POST? LOOK WHO IS GIVING A WEATHER REPORT! (7:45) AS YOUR DAY PROGRESSES CAN YOU MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY TODAY? WHO CAN YOU ENCOURAGE TODAY? THE CAR RIDE HOME GOOD MORNING! Editorial – Stomach trouble Church – October 6 WHERE’S CAM? AND, THESE ARE MY FRIENDS? THE DANCING FLAME PLEASE HELP ME NAME MY NEW PROJECT THE MORNING EDITION FOR JULY 10: DR. LOUIS FRANCESCUTTI EVENING EDITION: – How can we be mad? July 8, 2019 GOOD MORNING … AND A LITTLE CHALLENGE FROM CAM THE EVENING EDITION – JULY 8 THANK YOU, EDDIE KEEN SUNDAY CHURCH – JULY 7, 2019 AN UNFORGETTABLE WHISPER Friday night WTF: Weird, Things, Funny …for July 5, 2019: Eskimos, Paula Simons an honest LBGTQ question, and are you mad about Mad? HIGH HEIDI FOR JULY 5, 2019 GRUMPY GORD IS STUMPED BY TECHNOLOGY THE BREAKFAST BUNCH – JULY 5, 2019 Three things to fire you up for the day – GOOD MORNING – July 5 REPORTER RICK’S STORY ABOUT A 7-YEAR-OLD MILLIONAIRE TAIT’S TUNES – Track 32 – Jim Cuddy …for July 4, 2019 — Thursday Night Football, is Trump parachuting out of Air Force One, and Calgary weather INTRODUCING … HIGH HEIDI July 4, 2019: GRUMPY GORD AND THE LEFT HANDED MONKEY WRENCH! July 3, 2019 — Everyone should joyfully play: a piece on mental illness …for July 3, 2019 with Kevin Karius, the Mental Health Foundation, BC QB Mike Reilly and Kawhi Leonard July 3 – 6 a.m. – GOOD MORNING – Craig Berube, West Vancouver and: what if Apple made a car? Come on! I dare you! Let’s see where this ends up? A CHILLING QUESTION July 2, 2019 — The Mustard Seed, Craig Berube, and a cup named Stanley Tuesday, July 2, 2019 Six @ 6: July 2, 2019 TAIT’S EIGHT FOR JULY, 1, 2019: EIGHT CANADIAN VIDEOS SUNDAY CHURCH – June 30 2019 SALUTING ALLAN WACHOWICH: June 29 Sun column; personal note; video …. and, more! YOU WON’T BELIEVE … UNCLE JED… DO THEY TAKE CREDIT CARDS? Why June 28 was a great day for Ryan Straschnitzki! NORTHERN ALBERTA TORNADO WARNING YOU CAN HELP VOTING FOR THIS PROJECT TO HELP CANADA BECOME MORE ACCESSIBLE BILLY SHAKES TO THE ESKIMOS AFTER THURSDAY’S LOSS My note of congratulations to my friend, a new member of the Order of Canada JUNE 28 – Cam ‘n Eggs Why June 26 was a great day for Allan Wachowich The 5@5: FIVE TWEETS THE OUT-TO-LUNCH BUNCH WITH BILLY SHAKES’ ESKIMO PRE-GAME SPEECH MY EDMONTON SUN COLUMN: COREY HART AND GLASS TIGER GRUMPY GORD ON EARPLUGS – BRUNCH BUNCH CAM ‘N EGGS TAIT’S TUNES: IS THIS YOUR … SOMEDAY? Reflections: June 26 Corey Hart and Glass Tiger The ALL NEW 6@6 … good dinner dialoug WORLD BEATLES DAY TAIT’S TUNES: I love the lyrics from Amanda Marshall in this piece TAIT’S TUNES: A great Joni Mitchell ablum track I just …. well, take a listen. SCRIPTURE SAYS THE BREAKFAST BUNCH MAKES A RETURN TAIT’S TUNES: I first heard this song in July, 1988 on 33rd Street in Saskatoon SUNDAY CHURCH – June 23, 2019 Reflections: June 22 – Tuesday’s with Henry NOT A VERY HAPPY SATURDAY FOR GRUMPY GORD Reflections on June 21, 2019: ANNA MARIA TREMONTI Cam ‘n Eggs: June 21 – Earplugs of democracy? (UPDATED 410 pm 06.21.19) Reflections: June 20 – Earplugs of democracy? Reflections: June 19 Reflections: June 19 Wednesday, June 19 Tuesday evening’s reflection: Trans Mountain Pipeline …. what’s happening at Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association THE BIG PIPELINE ANNOUNCEMENT IS AT 2:30 P.M. MDT WE’VE LOST SOME INNONCENC​E OF A PARADE Good morning! (7:45 am update with poll) Monday Evening’s Reflection …now this is a great read …what is cooking at Mustard Seed Racing for the Stollery, June 22 … this Saturday Cam ‘n Eggs – For June 17, with Billy Shakes MY DAD’S FAMOUS COFFEE STORY …on Father’s Day 108 words on Ellen and Dave June 15 Cam ‘n Eggs In 102 words: Thank you, Raptors Meet Tom Anselmi​, the new COO of the Oilers Entertainment Group REPORTER RICK HAS A QUESTION ABOUT CHAMPIONSHIPS Good morning from Grumpy Gord! Friday, June 14 Two columnists. Two opinions. One will prevail. What one do you pick? Cam ‘n Eggs Crying in basketball allowed (Story update: 3 p.m.) PROTESTER AT KENNEY SPEECH Cam ‘n Eggs: sharing with others Matt Devlin’s Canadian geography The last straw for Mr. Trudeau? Click for 4 possible thoughts? Cam ‘n Eggs: June 10 Sunday, June 9 TAIT ON 8 (Edmonton Sun) The Fort Edmonton Park and spa debate continues Just had share this afternoo​n Friday evening: A spa at Fort Edmonton. Really? GOOD MORNING! TIME FOR CAM ‘N EGGS! LET’S RUN AND WHEEL FOR PYPER Blue Plate Diner on the move …to be patient THURSDA​Y: Who could you do this for today? PRAY. HOPE. SMILE. Plan Enjoy. Good morning! Senior citizen news WEDNESDAY EVENING (Pt. 1 of 3) WEDNESDAY EVENING (Pt. 2 of 3) TAIT’S TUNES – Track 42 CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? A Father’s Day gift, perhaps? EXCITING NEWS FROM THE TASTE OF EDMONTON …JUST A FEW​W MORE …A FEW MORE A FEW WORDS MORE WORDS THIS IS SO COOL! IS THERE SOMEONE TODAY YOU CAN… …ON WEDNESDAY Tait’s Tunes: Track 111 FAITH ON A TUESDAY Cam’s note: this story on students with disabilities concerns me. WE’RE NOT THERE YET, FOLKS GOLF FOR SPENCER AND THE STOLLERY CHILDREN’S HOPSITAL​ THE JUNE 4 ??? MYSTERY LINK ????!! Cam ‘n Eggs: Who can you share one of these with today? Cam ‘n Eggs: Tuesday’s meditation Cam ‘n Eggs: A Tuesday giggle​ HOME Good news from High Level AN IDEA TO SLEEP ON Tait’s Tune: Track 7 YOUR MONDAY GIGGLE PLANS. The Monday Challenge Tait Tunes Track 4 IT’S SUNDAY On addiction … Tait’s Tunes: Track No. 3 STUART MACLEAN SOMETIMES, ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ASK ESKS LOSE TO BOMBERS A song I just heard today, but I will dig for a long time May 31 in 100 words: tying one on with my grandson TONIGHT’S AWARDS IN RED DEER OILERS MAKE COACHING STAFF CHANGES LATEST ON THE ALBERTA FIRES (Postmedia) Today’s question Wanted: Lottery home with wheelchair garage Scott Stintson of The National Post writes on Raptor coach Nick Nurse How the Raptors bounced into NBA history Globe and Mail opinion piece HAPPY MAY 30! Believe! Golf for Mustard Seed Blog and video interview A great act of kindness May 27, 2019 in 100 words with Louie DeBrusk Mr. Trump on Air Force One RIP, Bill Buckner One smart Edmonton student Makes sense? One of my favourite columns from 2015 The latest from High Level Pre-season Eskimos Our lesson from the Toronto Raptors Tait on 8: Bill Graham Raptors advance to NBA final The latest from High Level One of my favourites from 1985 Where were you May 24, 1990 when the Edmonton Oilers won their fifth Stanley Cup? May 24th in 100 words /// Cam Tait Oilers signing Friday A Tweet from Postmedia’s Janet French on government assistance Golf with Global’s Kevin Karius and support Easter Seals Good morning! Nick Nurse for prime minister? The morning A song I heard today that I forgot thought of trip to Vancouver (Track 2) May 22 in under 100 words: My friend, Don Braid’s honor​ The Gable Guy Tait on 8 Rick Hansen pushing towards accessibilty​ (CTV News) Caring chefs Now, this is a plan Our poll on the Speech from the Throne. Why nothing about disabilities? An interest​in​g comment about President Trump on disability Let’s hope for the best: school bus crashes Who do you think you can say A song I heard today … and, forgot how much I love it. (Track 1) Why I am buying a … Oilers sign young goaltender My Edmonton Examiner column: A new perspective A great story from Cape Breton Great story from Amanda McCarthy Postmedia’s Jim Matheson Oiler story Terry Jones Postmedia column May 21 in under 100 words on Craig Berube Joel Gotlib’s incredible story …and, he’s 94 years old My Uncle Elmer Also, tonight in St. Louis Coming, this week, to Edmonton Edmonton Oilers signing Carbon tax in the National Post Looking ahead for Game 4: Raptors vs. Bucks Now, here’s an idea! Wildfire update from Postmedia Worth watching Two thoughts on … A favourite column about… I love the piano work here at the 3:40 mark Wildfire update from Postmedia May 21 in less than 100 words Measles in Edmonton The day after Game of Thrones Game 3: Raptors vs Bucks Alberta wildfires (Edmonton Sun reporter) Edmonton Sun column – May 20, 2019 Don’t wait! Vote Tait “If you want to change the world …” Tips on evacuation Highway 16 fire Safety first this weekend Aunt Maxine’s waffles for Monday, May 20 Building a campfire OUR POLL MacT Moment No. 3: AN EASY SOLUTION MacT Moment No. 2: HEADS UP! MacT Moment No. 1: HEADLIGHTS Community compasssio​n Tait’s Tunes for Tim Conway May 15 in 100 words MAY 14 IN 100 WORDS … click for more! MAY 14 MUSIC AND MEMORIES A new temporary home for…. May 12 in 100 words Post: Gallery Example Podcasting Gear Review 5 Tips For Starting A New Podcast Learn How We Started Podcasting
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